Thursday, April 16, 2015

Say Cheese!!!!

Little Princess

Cheerleader on the sideline!

Please take note of this because you may not ever see her in one of these again. It's a foam block pit, which she loved, but is covered with no telling WHAT kind of germs!!!! YUCK!!!! 

Striking a pose in her cowgirl gear

She likes to try to "taste" and put it to her lips. She was digging this cheesecake! 

From the fall on our trip to Boston but it's one of my favorites!

Big girlie is four now!! Mama's hand sanitizing wipes in hand..I'm so proud! 

Easter this year

Last but not we roll!!! hahaha:)

I will return soon with some updates...for real! Thanks for your continued support and prayers! Much love to you!

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