Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What's New With Us...

Hi, hope all is well with you?! I know I've been due for an update and it's taken me longer than I intended...surprise??!! :)
Anyway, we've been staying busy here lately. Not anything has changed as far as a decision of whether or not we'll pursue Selah's jaw surgeries in Chicago. We've not contacted them and they've not contacted us. So, it's still left to if and when we're ready then we can let them know, I guess. Also, let me backtrack a little too. Our initial plan was to look into a consult in Chicago and to also look into a consult in Orlando. We had one of our lead physicians from UMMC in Jackson leave and go to be a part of opening a new children's hospital in Orlando. He always provided us with wonderful care and we've got a good working relationship with him. So, we always had getttng a consult there in the back of our mind. We waited though because the hospital didn't open until October and we knew it'd probably be a little chaotic. We went to Chicago in November and then December we celebrated the holidays and battled the flu. :(  So, we decided that at the beginning of this year would be a good time to try to contact Orlando. We did and we're working on getting a consult of now we've got an appointment in March. We plan to go down and to meet the doctors and team, to get an updated CT scan of Selah's jaw, and to dicuss insurance and costs, etc. So, we are looking forward to this consult also. We're just praying that doors continue to open and close as they need to and that we clearly know God's leading. Your continued prayers are truly appreciated also!
On another note, Selah has began attending "school" twice a week for an hour. From the time we came home from the NICU up until September, we've been truly blessed to receive therapy services for Selah in our home. We've been working weekly with her Occupational, Physical, and Speech-Language Pathologist along with a Hearing Impairment "Teacher" and a Special Instructor. These therapist have all been providing these coordinated and amazing services in our home and have become like family. They all provide these early intervention services through the CCCD or Children's Center for Communication and Development. The CCCD is located in Hattiesburg on the Southern Miss campus. This center provides individual home and community-based services but also group and center-based services at the center. The services are provided for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers throughout Mississippi with communication and developmental disabilities. The services offered are life changing and truly a blessing!! Not only that, this center and program rely on  fundraising, grants, etc. are not services we have to pay for out of pocket...I can only imagine the costs if we did have to??!! As Selah has grown and made progress, we've all decided she was ready for the next step...which was her starting to go to the center for therapy rather than receiving services in the home. So, as of last week she began attending two therapy sessions a week at the center. She now is in a group therapy setting and it's a very structured and controlled environment and is full of wonderful resources. Her group consists of her and one other "friend" right now. She's taking some time adjusting but she's coming around. We talk about school and her friends and she smiles and signs it so it's growing on her. Such a big girl!!
Another wonderful cause we're honored to be participating...although not as much as we'd in the 2013 March of Dimes campaign. When we were approached about being involved with this cause and both Spencer and I were unaware of what it is really about. After we began researching though we realized how much of it pertains to us and our story and we're honored to be a part of it this year. The main "mission" is to help prevent prematurity in infants and to to try improve the health of babies. It goes so much deeper than this though! This is the 75th anniversary for March of Dimes and it's a wonderful organization...well worth taking time to check out....please and thank you!
 So, that's what is new with us. I think this post has been a "shout out" of sorts, ha! : )  We continue to truly appreciate all your support and prayers!! Love and hugs from us!!

After her first day of "school." Silly girl!

One morning Stud crawled up in her lap and I closely supervised. He was content and she just gently patted him. She loves both of the "Boys" too!