Monday, October 10, 2011

More pictures... :)

Here lately I've been reminded and humbled while remembering how blessed we truly are and how amazing this journey has been. I was looking back at some pictures during my pregnancy and it just God's hand doesn't ever let go...ever. I thought I'd just share a few pictures. :)

Debated on posting this but...what the heck...Selah's in that big tummy!

I didn't want this to be "too much" but it was such a personal and   tender moment...thinking of our hopes and dreams...trying to not let the uncertainty consume us...trying to enjoy this sweet experience.

One of the first pictures taken of Selah...oh how God has protected this sweet girl!

 Another one of the first pictures of Selah...she looks so fragile...she is far from it though!

First time she got to wear clothes...she wasn't a fan of getting them on...or off :)

One of first family the UMC NICU

First days after we arrived home...she's probably just as unsure of what's going on as we were

Few months old and much more alert

Five months old and actually beginning to "tolerate" her hearing aid...I got a smile

Six months old...she's a big girl now...and yes, she's naked!!

Family picture...thankful for these moments

Thank you for your love and continued support and prayers! Much love to you!!!