Saturday, September 22, 2012

Picture Time...Finally!!!

She just finished sitting in her pool and was taking a break and playing with her fire truck. And, no she's not practicing posing for a calendar one day...oh it awful that I even had that thought about my own sweet baby?! :) 

Ok, I first want props for putting her in a tub, ha. Now I know that I have her in a "baby " tub sitting in a real tub but this is when we first started taking real baths...give me some credit! :) 

This was taken in her nursery room at church. She's doing good standing while Mama T gives her a little help. 
This was taken today. She's standing by herself, as long as she has something to hold or prop on...big girl! 

She is trying to put the bubble wand in the bottle all by herself...miss independent!!
One of my favorites...being silly!!

And, last but not least...she's really been watching how we feed her...getting her food in her syringe and then putting her  syringe to her tube and pushing it in. We talk about it and talk her through it. She's now "assisting" in putting the syringe to her tube and trying to push it in. She's even imitating stirring the syringe around in the food, trying to get it in it.  She won't need my help much longer ;)

Thanks for your continued love and support! Sorry for the delay in posting some pics but I hope it was worth the wait?! :)