Wednesday, January 22, 2014 long has it been??!!

We'll, hi from us! And, yes I still have the blog despite my long delay in posting. SO sorry!! I want to say, in my defense, that technology has not made it easy. Mine and Spencer's laptops crashed at the same time a few months back. They're no longer in operation. That has made it a challenge to get on the blog. At the moment I'm using an IPad and it is not my friend. I don't prefer this keypad and the pecking I have to do. I prefer my old school keyboard and home keys so I can type my words per min at a super fast pace...get any of that, ha. So, that's my primary reason for not being back before now. And, I've tried unsuccessfully to put pictures and video from the IPad onto the blog. We've yet to get a new laptop but maybe it won't be too long. Anyway, enough with the excuses...time for a little update.
Selah is such a big girl in so many aspects! She is using the potty so well and so proud of her panties! :) She is just wanting to do a lot of what kiddos her age on the playground, learn to count and learn her letters, and to test all the limits she possibly can! She definitely gets this sassiness and determination honest...won't point fingers;)
She is staying pretty healthy, overall. She was pretty sick with pneumonia over Christmas but she didn't have to be hospitalized again thankfully. It doesn't take much for her to pick up a sickness so we still try to be cautious. I'm learning that it's very difficult to keep her in a bubble...although I'd like to sometimes. I will Lysol you down though if I feel it's necessary:) I'm just trying to keep her feeling good. She's a touch girlie for sure.
On the medical end, we go back to Orlando again in the spring. They will do some additional procedures to look at the anatomy of her nasal passages, oral cavity, airway, etc. after the doctor gets the information he needs then he'll let us know whether or not he recommends going on with the first jaw surgery or not. We will also see the neurosurgeon again while we're there to see how everything is looking.  Last time they checked she was still stable an didn't show anything that was an immediate concern. So, those will be the purposes for our next visit there.
And, that's about all for now. I know it's not a post with much "meat" to it and I am sorry...really. I am dragging and just don't have it in me this evening. But, I really will try to post again and give you a little more excitement! ;) I would so love to figure out getting pics and video on here from the would speak louder than any of my words. I won't give up on it:)
For now, please know we truly appreciate your continued support!! Please hang in there with me...I will be back! :) Thanks, will all my heart!!