Sunday, August 14, 2011


So, just thought I'd fill you in on how we are and what we've been up to. We are good...tired but good :). Selah is staying healthy and you can see in the pictures. We weigh in at the doctor this next week but her last weigh in she was 10lbs, 12 oz. She's been having some reflux (spit up) over the past few weeks so we're trying to adjust her feeds to see if we can decrease that. I know babies spit up but I get scared because I don't want it going down her trach (airway, lungs, etc). Other than that she's good. She is a fun baby..silly like her daddy and tempermental like her mommy...can I get an Amen from those of you who truly know me :). We are in the process of trying to figure out where we might meet with Craniofacial Teams for her surgery. We are looking at Dallas, Arkansas, and Birmingham. We're just praying doors open and close where they need to and that we just see God's hand leading us in His direction.
So...according to the title of this blog I promised some information on our recent adventures. Let me start by saying that we require an additional amount of "stuff" when we venture bags I believe...her diaper bag, emergency kit bag, suction equipment bag, monitor (heart rate, oxygen), feeding pump, milk bag, and my bag with pumping her car seat and stroller. So, those are our "routine" items for when we decide to take an adventure out. Now onto the adventures...
When Spencer is home we now try to get errands done. I will ride in the back with her in order to keep eyes and hands on her...readily available to act...keep her from pulling on her trach, in case she spits up and needs to be suctioned, etc. So we tag-team it when he's home. We haven't had Selah out in the public, except for a doctor's appointment, until here recently. We talked to our pediatrician though and he recommended going ahead and starting to get out with her. Her first public outing was to the chinese mom and dad could get some sushi...thankfully that was a smooth time. Since that went well we decided to give church a try. We have missed being there and were ready to go as a family. We got ready and had her in her "Sunday best" and loaded in the car when the spit up began. She soaked her dress and required and unexpected and rushed wardrobe addition to the fact that we were concerned about her being a bit of a tiring and eventful start. Then we were on the way to church when I realized I didn't have her matching head band or the newly changed which daddy said "it will be okay" but mommy knew how crucial it was to making the outfit, lol. We made it though and what a blessing it answered bring her to come as a family with the precious baby we prayed for. So, those have been our two adventures with the three of us. Now...just the two of us...
 Spencer is balancing a lot between the firehall, military, and tile work and he is having to be gone a lot. For the most part Selah and I have been hanging out at the house. We have some visitors and her therapists that come into the home but mostly it's the the "boys" aka dogs. All that to say...Selah and I haven't ventured out on our own yet. I have been concerned about it because I am not in the back seat with eyes and hands on her. But, Spencer is having to be gone so much here lately and will continue to be over the next few I recently decided to give it a try. My brave and confident spirit stems from six consecutive days without leaving the house or without having any visitiors. I prayed about it and gave myself a pep talk and to my suprise a newfound peace and confidence filled me...I also was stir crazy. :) So, Selah and I set out...not too far the closest McAlister's...about 10 miles away. We made it there and back safely...thankfully. To my suprise, the only mishap is that when loading her carseat...less than gracefully...I pulled her tubing to the feeding pump under the car seat...therefore the tubing became disconnected from her g tube extension...what that all means is the milk no longer went into her g tube and into her stomach but instead through the tube and into the bottom of the car seat and onto my seats. Not only did I not give sweet Selah her feed but I also drenched Phoebe (my 4runner) with what Spencer lovingly refers to as "hooter milk"...hope that's not too crude...:). I have to say though that other than that it was a nice outing and it was a taste of we'll see what's next. :)
Now this is just too funny that I have to share...funny now that I am looking back. A few weeks ago Spencer was gone to Jackson for a week. His mom (Donna) came down for two nights to stay...thankfully. We had a nice visit and it was uneventful. On the morning that she was going to head home though...oh me! I was getting Selah started with her seven a.m. feed when a loud bang on the front door scared me. At the same time, literally, she began projectile vomitting...streams of repeated vomit...coming out of her nose. So, I am hearing the door and at the same time trying to stop her feeding pump and running across the house to her room to get the suction equipment. I, needless to say, was terrified at the amount of vomit that was coming out and was trying to keep it from going down her trach. I must also add that the dogs are going crazy because of the knock at the door...which I still hadn't answered. I yelled for Donna and she went to the was the pest man...he was going to spray outside. Now, our security system was still in alarm mode from the night before so it goes off...extremely loud. But, I am oblivious to it as I am tending to Selah..who is continuing to vomit. His mom gets the pest man taken care of and comes to assist took two of us. For about and hour and half Selah vomitted...projectile and streams of it coming out of her was traumatizing for all of us...she cried and I cried but Donna was calm...thankfully. In the middle of this we hear another loud knock on the door and this time it was the sheriff. In the midst of caring for Selah I ignored my ringing phone...which was the security people from when the alarm went off. Since I didn't answer they sent out the law enforcement. So, Donna, standing in her bath robe with her bed head...but still beautiful...had to explain in a hurry so she could get back to helping me. I also need to add that the dogs, who haven't been let outside yet, are still going crazy because of another knock at the door. Donna got that taken care of and rushed back to help me. A few hours later the vomitting had calmed down along with our nerves. I talked to the doctor and we got a "plan" in motion. Selah recovered, as did I, and we survivedour first "tummy bug."
Well...not sure if that's as entertaining to you as it has been for us...:). I just wanted to share a little of what we've been up to here lately. During these recent adventures and in our moments throughout our days at home, God has reminded me to myself, at the circumstances, at each other, and to not be so serious and intense...oh, I can get wound tight too. God's protected us along the way and I do have to say it's good to laugh and see that in all of it there are blessings....thank you for your prayers and support!
Much Love!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

More Pics...:)

We had a sweet friend come over and take some pictures...what fun it was!! Just wanted to share a few...