Thursday, July 21, 2011

Change In Plans

We've been doing good...Selah is getting bigger and staying healthy. It is time for me to post some more pics...if I can remember how. :) So, there's been a big change in plans. We had her first phase of the jaw distraction surgery scheduled for this coming Monday, July 25. The surgery has been cancelled though. We got a call from a nurse at the surgery clinic and she informed us that one of the doctors involved in the surgery is no longer employed at UMC. This doctor would have performed the surgery with one other doctor, who is still at UMC. Without them working together though the surgery isn't possible. The clinic is hoping to have another specialist join them in the fall but they aren't certain. So we are not sure what we will do from here. We are going to look at other locations with Craniofacial Surgery teams and just see what we find. We're praying for doors to open and close where they need to and for us to know God's leading in what to do.
 I do have to admit that when we found out the surgery was cancelled I was relieved...for many reasons. I know that the sooner we begin the surgical process that the sooner we will move towards hopefully opening up her airway and eventually hoping to remove the trach. But...I just hate the thought of having her go through more hospital stays and the pain and risks involved. We've had good experiences with UMC and the doctors we've seen but I wasn't sure about proceeding with the surgery there. The craniofacial "team" involved in this surgery is small and hasn't performed a jaw distraction on a severe a case of Micrognathia as Selah has or on a child as young as her. I know they are competent and knowledgeable doctors but I do want them to have more experience with this procedure under their belt...specific to the severity of her case and her young age. I had been wanting to seek second opinions. I just had been praying about a peace about proceeding with the surgery and I haven't had it. I've dreaded it and the upcoming surgery date has been "looming" over me. I've just not had a good feeling...deep in the pit of my stomach. I didnt know if it was a true lack of peace or just fear of the surgery and all it entails for Selah. So, I've had faithful prayer warriors praying on our behalf too and it does seem that this door has least I believe it has. So, we are just praying and asking for God to lead us in His way. For now we are enjoying having Selah home and all the sweet moments with her. We value your prayers and support so much....thank you! Much love!!!
"And without faith it is impossible to please God because anyone that comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him." Hebrews 11:6... After we found out about the surgery cancellation I tried to take some time with God. I prayed and asked him to let us see his hand at work and where he is leading. He led me to this verse and spoke to me that if we keep truly seeking him in faith and trying to obey and trust (earnestly) that he will take care of it all...he is faithful!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Say Cheese!!!

Daddy's Girl!

This is the life!

Selah in her Fourth of July outfit

First family picture since coming home...minus the 'boys" (Stud and BB)