Thursday, June 7, 2012

Road Trips

Hi, hope all is well with you?! I know I'm delayed in giving you an update...sorry. Selah's procedure went so smoothly and we were in an out that morning. The doctor said it was so weird because he got no resistance when he put the bigger trach in. Spencer and I tried at home and at our visit with him and we all felt the resistance and the bigger trach not going in. So, when he said it went no problem we all just laughed and looked at each other. The doctor also said her airway and stoma looked relieved. I know it's an answered prayer and I'm so thankful! Thank you to all you faithful prayer warriors for lifting this need up...God answered...

On another note, we've been able to take two road trips so far this summer. We went for the day to New Orleans (NOLA) with some of my family and then we went all the way to Memphis for a wedding. Both trips were fun...a little tiring but enjoyable. I'm thankful to report that our trip to Memphis was uneventful...meaning this in a good way...and we enjoyed it and made it home safely. Our day trip to NOLA was fun and had a few little adventures that made it memorable.

These are some beautiful gals!!

They stood by the sign at the aquarium that says, "Closed on Monday." All but Meg have their "sad" faces on...well Spencer looks like he may be giving a little smirk :)

Had to post because such a good pic!
My family came into town from Alabama and we planned to go down to NOLA for a day and to see the city and most importantly to go to the aquarium...knew Selah would enjoy it. I assumed that they would be open and ready for our arrival. The Sunday night before we went I checked online to find out their hours, prices, etc. I found out though that they were closed on Mondays...say what??? My family partly planned their trip around going to NOLA and the aquarium. Only because I didn't check on it I told them I would...were our "dreams" squashed, lol. We were all disappointed but had to laugh about it. We came to the conclusion that NOLA is apparently shut down on Mondays...needs to recover from the weekend...only meant in a nice way. :) We all decided, that since my cousin hadn't ever been to NOLA and we promised we'd take her, that we'd still make the trip down. We went for the day and had a good time. The weather was pretty nice...not too hot. We enjoyed walking around and just taking it all in. We got to sample some good NOLA food and see some of the local wildlife...big rats, ha. We also played a guessing game as we walked throughout the uncle and I would step over puddles or streams of unidentified liquid and he'd say, "I wonder what that is?" I'd reply, "Not sure but we probably don't want to know!"  I must lastly say that I'm so ashamed to admit that I was the ONLY person pushing a baby stroller down Bourbon a very fast pace, might I add. Spencer was holding Selah and we'd approach a less than baby appropriate poster or business and both just quicken our step. We wanted my cousin to say she's been to Bourbon Street...even though it's much different in the middle of the afternoon than during the night hours. I had to laugh though as we were fastly walking with Selah and baby's a memory! We both agreed that it's not exactly "baby friendly." Anyway, I say all this not to knock the all...but if you've ever been you know that it's a "fun" city where lots of people come to have all different kinds of fun...probably different fun than when you're on a family trip or have a sweet baby on your hip...ha that rhymes!  :) We really did enjoy our day trip though and even more our sweet family coming to see us!!

Thanks again for your continued prayers and support!!